Every action or inaction starts with a decision. I’d like to go mushroom hunting, fishing, read a book, go for a walk, go to work, go to church, stay home….all starts with a decision to do something.  I like my morning coffee and devotions to plan my day, most days don’t go the way I planned though.

Usually my plans get adjusted by other people, complications that seem to just crop up to interfere with my inner peace and schedule of events.  I’ve collided with a deer, received an emergency call, battery wouldn’t start, got sick, you know what I mean.  I’ve heard it said to make lemonade out of the sqeezin’s.

God allows for the hiccups and delays along our trail.  He has it all figured in for our maturity.  You didn’t think He’d just leave us in the Garden of Eden without a care in the world did you?

My dad always said to get used to disappointments, life is full of them.  It builds character, depending on your choices.  My choice is to use life’s setbacks to my well thought out dreams and schemes, to follow what is good and righteous even when I don’t feel up to the task.

The reward is great.  He knows the path I should take.  He’s not surprised when I get sidetracked.  He’s always right on time.

My view from the saddle.


         (Scott Primmer is an avid cowboy-shooting enthusiast and uses that platform to spread the good news with anyone who             will listen.   He is also part of New Creation)