I chipped a favorite coffee cup yesterday morning, had too many cups of coffee late last night and overflowed my cup and made a mess this morning.  There is always a reason.
The good Lord knows I like my coffee (it’s in the name “coffee corner”.  Sometimes He has to get my attention even through this simple media of caffeine dependence.
I’ve been teaching lately on the person God uses.  The most recent was about depending totally on God rather than being partially in, partially out.  This wrestling with self and the world’s so-called answers versus God’s perfect plan to keep us in perfect peace is always a bit of a struggle, at least for me.  Even the fictional Dr Dolittle had a “push me-pull you” animal with a head at either end who struggled to figure out which way to go.
Well, instead of getting upset over another broken coffee cup, I just enjoyed what I had on hand.  Then had too much coffee later in the evening which kept me up nearly all night.  However, in doing so, God spoke His Word to me in scripture and in song.  I didn’t wrestle with the angel all night as Jacob did in the Old Testament but I did come away when I got up knowing I had been in His presence.
Yes, my cup literally overflowed.  Enjoy yours today!

         (Scott Primmer is an avid cowboy-shooting enthusiast and uses that platform to spread the good news with anyone who             will listen.   He is also part of New Creation)