Being “worn to a frazzle” should be relegated to your old cowboy hat, well-worn cowboy boots or the ragged edges of your Bible. It should not be referenced to the last thread of decency of ragged emotions.

Military moves can get you worn to a frazzle, parenting a house full of tots can wear you to a frazzle. Wife’s shopping can, well that goes without saying! Work and life in general can fray the fabric of physical and mental exhaustion, including worry….for what?

My dog is worn to a frazzle protecting our home from imagined theiving squirrels, feeding birds, and roving bands of bicyclists/joggers. Then he looks at us, job done, curls up and rests. It is then I realize from the many verses of scripture that refers to ” be holy as I am holy.”. I seek my back porch oasis with the quietness of good coffee and serene savoring of God’s Word. The few precious moments are enough to sooth the rough edges of life. A shared devotional from a friend mentions we will never be in control of our life circumstances. Instead of striving for a “predictable, safe lifestyle” seek to know God in greater depth and breadth. Life is a glorious adventure. My dad’s words cover much of the frazzle of life. It is what it is.  Need a simple place to rest?  Take time to be Holy. My view from the saddle

(Scott Primmer is an avid cowboy-shooting enthusiast and uses that platform to spread the good news with anyone who will listen.   He is also part of New Creation)